Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our (Belated) Honeymoon!

As some of you may or may not know we did NOT take a honeymoon right after our wedding. Instead we chose to wait. We decided to wait for serveral reasons the number 1 reason being money. We also didn't want to be traveling too much since our wedding was in Las Vegas and I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in Virginia 2 weeks after ours . I heard if from WAY too many people that if we didn't take it right after our wedding then we would never take it.

Well, much to their chagrin we are! We've booked our airfare and stay at an all-inclusive hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. We leave on Friday, February 22 on a red-eye and we return on Saturday, March 1 so we'll be there about 7 days. The hotel we are staying at is the Park Royal Cozumel. Here are some photos off of's website. We booked through them.

Even though we booked our honeymoon awhile ago, I am just now getting into researching where we are going. Since I planned the whole wedding without much help from Matt, he got to plan the honeymoon. Sometimes I am still surprised that he wants to go to Mexico. Ever since I've known him he has never wanted to go even though he is Mexican! Then one of his old friends from work told him about how much fun him and his wife have in Cozumel and Matt was sold. I'm just happy to be going somewhere warm and sunny (high of 86 in February) for my birthday. I'll be 30 this year....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Little Princess

This is Princess:

She is the neighborhood cat who has adopted our family of cats as her second home. When she first started visiting we thought she was a stray, but now we think she lives somewhere near by because when its raining heavily or snowing she doesn't come around.
Vlad is in love with her!

She wasn't supposed to come in, but she followed me inside one day when I came home from work. Matt flipped out at first and then gave in. She loves our food and likes to explore and play with the cats' toys. Fidel is fine with her if she doesn't get too close. Nikita hisses at her and runs away. Then comes back and hisses more until he runs away again.
She is Vlad's girlfriend. They give each other kitty kisses.
When she wants to be let in she scrathes at our living room window and meows. If we are in the back of the house Vlad will sounds his alarm (a very deep "meow" until we go let her in.) She's never in the house long. Only for about 5 minutes.

She once sat on our porch chairs all night hoping to be let in.
She has big paws like Vlad. We think thats why he is in love. She used to hiss at him, but now she is cool with him following her around everywhere until she leaves.
We call her "Princess."