Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Corgi Afternoon

On Saturday, May 30 we drove Luna out to Woodinville for a Corgi picnic. She did great... until a big doggy arrived. While most other corgis see big dogs as something to herd, Luna only feels like she must prove herself as something a big dog wouldn't want to mess with. She has a bit of a Napoleon complex that way. Seriously, she was basking in the happiness of being with her corgi brethren until a golden retriever showed up. The instant she saw him she started barking and her mood turned sour.

Anyway, putting her snappiness aside, here are some pictures from the afternoon.

Here is Caruso, a 4 month old fluffy!

Luna and her buddy, Daisy, enjoying the shade after running around.

Merlin was desperate to get the treats I was handing out to the other corgis! I love his big boy corgi head. He's a cutie.

Who's the hungriest of them all? Luna is!

This little guy was rescued from a puppy mill. He wouldn't let you pet him but he had no problems taking a treat from your hand.

We are thinking this guy is a mix. Otherwise, he is the tallest corgi I've ever seen!

See you next year!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got This For Luna

I forgot to mention in my last post that I bought myself the new t-shirt and I got this bandana for Luna except her's is in red:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let's Go Red Sox! Let's Go!

On Saturday the 16th, a bunch of people from work met up at the Red Sox game at SafeCo field. Originally it wasn't planned this way. I found out a co-worker of mine, Taria, was going with her boyfriend and then another co-worker of mine, Jamie, was looking for a game to go to so I suggested she go to the same one. I mean, let's face it, if you want to see a good game at SafeCo field it's because of the team that is playing against the Mariners. Then we suggsted to Shalana, another co-worker, that she go and then to Jordan, yep another co-worker, that he go and it snowballed from there. My friend Vicki who went to UNH with me and grew up with my good friend Ang, found out we were going and came along too. Of course, none of us were sitting together because we bought tickets at different times, but we still had fun!

First, a couple of us met up at the beer garden at Pyramid Ales. Then we moved on to Sluggers which was packed! It must have been 100 degrees in there. And don't believe anyone who tells you that you can bring your beer outside and drink it. There's no beer garden there. It reminded me of all the bars back at UNH on a (thirsty) Thursday night. The majority of the fans there were for the Red Sox and most of them were from back east.

Vicki's not really double fisting it. I had her hold my beer so I could take her picture.

Jamie and Tyson are in the picture on the left. By the end of the night, Matt and Tyson were buddies and have even planned on going to a Prodigy concert together. It's amazing how sharing a couple of shots of hard liquor can bond people together!
Don't ask me why I am so excited about my beer in this picture. I was delirious from the heat!

At the 5th inning we tried to meet up behind home plate. It was a little confusing because everyone was scattered throughout the park, but we made the best of it. After the game we went out for a few more beers before heading home. Overall, it was a beautifully warm and sunny Seattle day and the Sox won. Who could ask for anything more?

Taria and her boyfriend, Nate, the true Red Sox fan of the group!

Matt and I sat in a sea of Red Sox fans. I'm on the far left, texting.

I think I am going to buy this t-shirt so I have something different to wear at the next Red Sox game. My mom's old BU t-shirt has seen better days!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Herding Instinct Certification!

On June 13th, Luna and I will be participating in the Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club's annual herding instinct certification at Ewe-topia in Roy, Washington. We had the choice of having her test using 5 ducks or 3 sheep. Matt and I agreed that the ducks will be less intimidating for her. I just can't wait to see her try it out. I think she'll either run away scared from them or just bark the whole time. She can be a sassy girl. Hopefully she won't start peeing like she did when my friend Jamie came to take her out one afternoon while Matt and I were stuck at work late.

First she ran laps when Jamie came in the house. Then she started barking at Jamie even though she had treats to give her and she threw dog food at her. The dog food really interested the cats. Then she ran into the office shaking and peed on the floor - twice! Jamie ended up calling me and I ran home to take her out. I felt like Luna was a little kid who was bad at daycare!

Then next Saturday, the 30th, we are taking Luna to a Corgi picnic in Woodinville! I'm excited. She has reverted to only liking her own kind these days. When we take her to the dog park she is all teeth. Even at agility she tries to take on the Golden Retriever in our class!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cat on the Loose!

Now that we have a backyard and all doors lead to the outside world, Fidel has shown some growing interest in what goes on out there. Vlad and Karl remain oblivious unless it involves the opportunity to chatter at the birds from their window seat.

I decided to take a chance and get Fidel a harness and a leash. I attempted this years ago when we first brought Nikita home. We could never find one that fit his larger frame so that was a bust. Fidel however took to it right away!

I try to get him out on sunny days because he loves to lounge in the sun. We think it helps his arthritis. He's a lively one once he is outside. He zooms all over the place, sniffs everything, climbs the fence and he even pees! I only know this because I picked him up while doing it not realizing what was going on. :(

Not bad for a 14 year old cat with kidney failure, hyperthyroidism and arthritis!