Monday, June 30, 2008

Rescuing Kittens and a High Ropes Course!

Whew! What a day yesterday turned out to be! The day started out like any other day. We slept in, took the dog out, fed the cats. It was on my first big walk of the day with Luna that was interrupted by Matt standing out in front of our condo waving to us. Turns out he had been looking out of our office window, we're on the ground floor, when he saw two kittens huddled outside in front of our neighbor's car. He went out to check on them when they got scared and disappeared up in the car! Thats when he saw me walking by with Luna. I quickly tossed Luna into the house and ran to our neighbor's unit. Luckily we knew who's car it was. Our neighbor came out, popped the hood and was able to grab one kitten, which promptly bit me when it was handed over. Luna was so excited about her new playmate when I brought her inside. Don't worry, I rescued the kitten from Luna and put her in the bathroom.

The other kitten took awhile to come out. Matt baited him with cat food and treats while I tried to find a shelter to take them. I called PAWS first, but their phone system is just a never ending tree of voicemails. The recorded message did recommend that I call 911 so I did. An officer called me back and pretty much told me to do what I've been doing. He said Animal Control only works M-F 9am-5pm. How convienent. He did give me his work number in case I could find any where that would take them because his neighbor runs a small animal rescue group out of her home.

So after lunch I take Luna on another walk, well, our second attempt on her first one. We got as far as the road that runs parellel to our complex when Matt started shouting again for us. The second kitten had come out and was secure in our bathroom. When I went in to check on them, sure enough, he was snuggled on top of his sister, all wide eyed and dirty.

We ended up driving them down to PAWS. They had no problem taking them and assured us they would be well taken care of. We have high hopes for them since they are kittens and everyone seems to want kittens versus an adult cat (except us).

About an hour after we dropped the kittens off, we headed out to my co-workers 25th birthday party at Carousel Ranch. She had a western themed party. We had a nice time chatting with my other co-workers that were there. My co-worker also gave us a tour of the ranch and we got to meet her horse, Clayton. Unfortunately, there are no pics from this event because our digi cam broke and we've yet to replace it!

We could only stay for 45 minutes because we had to head over to Cottage Lake Park for our high ropes course event at the Northshore YMCA Staff Picnic. We did the Odyssey Course there with another co-workers two (grown) children. I did it even though I am afraid of heights! Again no pictures, but here is an old news article that has a picture of the course:

I was fine with everything until we got to the top and then I thought it wasn't such a good idea anymore! I did learn some things about myself though, mainly that I work better when I'm on my own and not in a team. Of course, I was too scared to let go of my own rope to hold on to another rope with anyone else!

After our exciting time at the picnic we came home and took a tip in our pool. Ahh, living the conod life. It has its benefits!

Next time I'll tell you all about Luna and I walking in Kirkland's 4th of July Parade!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doggy School Graduation

Luna graduated from Doggy School tonight with flying colors! Her automatic sits were a little off and I almost had to correct her drop (laying down), but in the end she got a PERFECT score! Next week we start Advanced Obedience. Keep your fingers crossed that she gets along with the other doggies.

Sabrina and Luna after the first part of her test.

Bear sat next to Luna everyday for our 8 week class. He has a big head.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Furry 5K Walk and Luna's First Bath Pictures

Here are the pictures from the Furry 5k Fun Run and Walk:

Sabrina and Luna with Kerstin and Ollie.

We made it!

After the race, Luna got a free massage!

Here are some official photos from the race in a slideshow:

We also gave Luna her first bath today! She was a stinky doggy and had lots of dirt from all the dog parks we've taken her to. She did great. Didn't complain at all. Ah, the joys of adopting a retired show dog! We even bought a new detachable shower head just so we could bathe her at home.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kitty Pictures are Here and They are Fabulous!

Our online gallery from dane-dane photography is now up and running! There are so many great kitty portraits up there that I don't know how Matt and I are going to choose. I almost want to order all of the Fidel ones since he is the reason why we had the photo shoot to begin with. There are tons of Vlad, of course, since he is so social and was a big ham that day.

Just in case you're not sure who is who, Nikita is the Siamese, Fidel is the black one and Vladimir is the grey one. He is most likely a Chartreaux and not a Russian Blue.

Here is the link:

You have 90 days from today to enjoy it!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Weekends

Is it finally time to rest? We've had some very busy weekends over the past few weeks and they are only going to get busier! We didn't travel for Memorial Day weekend, but Matt and I still kept ourselves busy. I entertained myself by cleaning and organizing, mostly organizing our condo. I also convinced Matt to rearrange our living room to give us more space and it worked! We have so much more space to play with Luna and the kitties now.

Speaking of the kitties, they had their big photo shoot with dane + dane photography on the 22nd of May. Amelia was their photographer because she is the "cat guru" and after our shoot we can tell why. Vlad was a camera hog! He really liked her dangly earrings that she flashed at him to get his attention. Nikita and Fidel wanted to just sleep, but I think she got some pretty good shots of them. She even took a few snapshots of Luna because she was just too cute. dane + dane photography is involved in City Dog magazine's cover model search and I might just take Luna to one of their scouting sessions this summer. We should have the pictures of the boys back by this coming Thursday the 5th, so I'll post the link when I have it!

Well, its almost finally here, the Furry 5k Fun Run/Walk. Next Sunday Luna and I will be waking up early once again for a fun walk around Seward Park in Seattle. We've only raised $80 so far, but I think with the current gas prices and economy we didn't do too shabby. In the fall we plan on participating in the PAWSwalk 2008. This one is held at Magnusun Park in Seattle and the money goes to the PAWS animal shelter where we adopted Fidel and Vladimir from. We'll most likely be walking with our Corgi friends as a team.
Speaking of Corgi friends, Luna actually played with some Corgis at our monthly Corgi meetup at Marymoor park! She tried to get in on the action of two Corgis playing by running with them. They didn't pay any attention to her but it was nice to see her get out there and be a dog.

Thats all for now! I'll have to update you after our big walk!