Monday, May 12, 2008

Whew! I apologize for not updating this blog in awhile. We have been busy, busy, busy lately with work, doggy school and everything else. I have a few minutes to spare so I can bang out a few words on here as to what we've been up to.

You heard right - Luna is in doggy school! She's not a bad dog, but considering she's a former show dog, she's never had any obedience training and we thought it would strengthen our relationship with her if she learned a few basic commands. So once a week on Wednesday nights we schlep her down to the Mill Creek Grange Hall for our one hour class. There are only about 8 other dogs in the class which is good for her because she is still working on her social skills. Believe it or not she actually tried to take on a giant rottweiler named "Bear" in her class! She's a brave girl sometimes. Her and Vlad are still best buddies. We even caught her cleaning his ears last night. I think he really enjoys finally having a playmate since Fidel and Nikita were never that interested in him.

Speaking of Fidel, he had another Vet visit last month. About the only good news we got was that his heart rate has gone down from 200 to 150. Everything else was worse than last time. We've cut back on his thyroid meds because his thyroid level was dangerously low. His kidneys were also doing worse, but more than likely that is because of the thyroid levels. He now has to take another medicine. This time for arthritis! My poor kitty has kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, arthritis and gingivitis! Matt and I have decided to hire a pet photographer, dane-dane photography, to come in and photograph him and the other boys as a way to memorialize him. My biggest fear is that his time is almost up, but I'm encouraged by the fact that he appears to still have lots of life in him.

Luna also had her monthly Corgi meetup at Marymoor Park on Saturday, May 4. She loved it! She's a bit of a Corgi snob and loves all other Corgis. Well, almost. She did freak out on one of them you got a little too close to me when I was petting her. The next thing I knew it turned into a huge Corgi fight with about 25 Corgis on top of each other fighting! After it got broken up she was very happy and I even caught her running and playing with other dogs! I was shocked. Typically, she never leaves my side.

On May 10, Matt and I went to our first Nerd Convention (AKA: Emerald City ComiCon). I went simply because Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Gallactica was there for autographs and pictures. We didn't get his autograph, too expensive, but we did have our picture taken with him so we got to meet him that way. We also sat in on his Q & A Panel which was pretty cool. Matt and I are big Battlestar Gallactica geeks if you can't already tell!

Finally our biggest news is that thanks to a generous offer by my parents, we will be flying back to New Hampshire in July for a week-long visit! This will be the longest trip we've ever taken together Back East and my longest since my mother's surgery in 2005. We'll also be there for our first wedding anniversary so its my job to find something "romantic" for us to do while there. Perhaps Candlpin Bowling and a Pu-Pu Platter for two?