Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Adoption Day, Luna!

It's hard to believe that one year ago today we happily brought Luna into our home as our first canine addition. She was 3 years old and we are her 3rd family. It took some time for her to adjust in the beginning - she started out being TERRIFIED of the cats, but now she is spoiled rotten and devoted to her mom and dad. She also enjoys snuggling with her brothers.

On the left is a picture of Luna's first day home with us. She fell in love instantly once we broke out the treats.

We've done so much with her in a year. We've taken her to monthly Corgi Meetups at Marymoor. We've been through beginning and advanced obedience, which she desperately needed and we're now enrolled in agility. We've taken her on our first hike in Washington and our first trip to Whidbey Island. She is our little girl. And she's most definitely a momma's girl. She even has the Coach collar to prove it.

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ClassyChassy said...

Happy Adoption Day Luna!! What a blessed pup you are!!! Enjoy the rest of the week, you little cutie, you!!!