Monday, July 20, 2009

Keep 'em Coming!

We got another donation! Thanks Sarah for helping support the kitties and puppies at PAWS!

I volunteered yesterday and it was heartbreaking. So many cats and not enough people coming through. We even had one family return a cat. But the good news is one big beautiful black boy named Tahoe got a new family complete with two little kids. He's a complete love bug and soaked up all of their attention. The family instantly fell in love. And Mr. Cheeks, the cat who leaps into your arms and gives hugs, finally found his forever family. I tried to convince Matt to bring him home, but he's right, 3 is enough.

Right now, Trixi is my favorite cat at PAWS. She gets excited every time she sees me and jumps into my arms when I open her cage! She is so sweet and loving. I don't understand why she is still there. She's been at the shelter since May.

How could anyone resist this face?

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ClassyChassy said...

A beautiful cat! Perhaps you household should become FOUR Commies and a Corgi!!! They say cats choose their people - this one sounds like it has chosen YOU!