Sunday, August 14, 2011

Red Sox in Seattle!

Yesterday was our 7th trip to SafeCo Field to watch the Red Sox play the Mariners.  Matt and I have gone almost every year starting waaaay back in 2003 (I still have the ticket stubs).

Matt enjoying his vodka tonics at the Red Sox Nation party.
We started out by going to the Showbox SoDo for a Red Sox Party hosted by Red Sox Nation.  Admission was pretty much free, but they suggested a donation to The Jimmy Fund at the door.  They were raffling off some Red Sox memorabilia so we bought a ticket and gave a donation too.  We were lucky enough to score seats at the bar because the place was packed with fans already!  It was a sea of red with some Bruins and Pats colors thrown in.  The music?  You guessed it:  All Boston area bands.  Seriously, I don't think I ever need to hear a song by the Mighty, Mighty, BossTones again.

We hung out sipping on our drinks watching more and more Boston spots fans spill in until 6 PM when the raffle started.  Unfortunately, we didn't win anything.  At that point we moved on to check out the fan stores and vendors down by the ball field.

After we did some window shopping we decided to go find our seats in left field.  Since we bought our tickets from the governor of Washington State's Red Sox Nation (yes, there is such a thing) we sat with 120 other Boston fans!  The ladies behind us were visiting from Somerville, Mass and we chatted them up for a bit.  I didn't get a picture, but the governor of Alberta, Canada rallied us Boston fans by running through the stands with a Red Sox Nation flag (still kicking myself for not getting a picture).  We were in a prime spot to catch a foul ball, but we didn't have that kind of luck.  One of the organizers from the party caught one from Ellsbury which really excited the crowd.
Where's Matt?

In the end, we lost to the Mariners 6-5 which was disappointing but we still had a lot of fun and I take heart that there were a lot more Sox fans than Mariners fans there that night.

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