Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day #4 of My Do Nothing Vacation Was a Bust!

Other than getting a glorious 11 hours of sleep that night the day was a bust.  I got a few phone calls from work (ugh) and painting the master bedroom ceiling was an absolute disaster.  First, I just couldn't get any coverage.  I'd glob the paint onto the roller and it would disappear with barely covering an inch (just a minor exaggeration).  Then, I broke my extended roller brush!  When it broke apart the roller bounced off my head, then my arm just to finally slide the wall.  Luckily I got the paint out of everything even my hair.

 The next disaster was when I ran out of white paint and had the brilliant idea to substitute it with another white paint, different brand, that we had in our storage closet.  They both looked the same when they were wet so it should have worked, right?  WRONG.  It looks like I have clouds on the ceiling which is so not the look I was going for.  Ugh.
Ceiling painting in progress.  At one point all the walls and ceiling were painted the same color.  Yuck.  

Matt has promised to help me repaint the ceiling at some point.  Of course, we'll need to figure out the right color paint.  At least I wrote down one of the colors' information.  I so smart.  

Later that night we were supposed to go out on a date, but of course that ended up being a bust too.  We went down to Mountlake Terrace, about a 15 minute drive South, in the hopes we'd be able to see Sherlock Holmes at the Cinebarre.  It was $5 Tuesday so we left an hour early because it is nuts on Tuesdays.  Yeah, we should have Fandangoed.  The showing was completely sold out!  We turned right around and went to our favorite bar instead so we still got out.  Here's hoping Day #5 of My Do Nothing Vacation is better!

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