Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day Two of Our Honeymoon

On Sunday, we mostly just relaxed at the hotel. We went in the different pools and the beach it owns. Our hotel had 3 pools, 2 of which were by the beach and were infinity pools. They all had swim up bars too. We tried lots of different drinks. Matt's favorite ended up being a Miami Vice which was some sort of frozen drink.That night we ventured downtown because the map we had spoke of a Sunday festival. When we got there they had different bands playing in the town square. Do you think I could get Matt to stop and listen to any of them? No, of course not. He was like the energizer bunny and just had to keep going.We did make it to the World's Smallest Hard Rock for a drink.
I can tell I was in a lot of pain from my sinuses here.
This was outside some restaurant.

Last drink of the night. This was a nice small restaurant that had a patio on the water. Unfortunately, Margaritaville was next door and it kinda ruined the romance.

I almost forgot!We started off the night by getting a drink at the sports bar at the hotel. Well, everyone at our hotel was from one of 4 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa or Michigan. It drove us nuts! This one lady from Minnesota wouldn't leave me alone. Matt went to the bar to get us a drink and she kept flirting with me and trying to put her arm around me, with her husband sitting right there going "Leave her alone!" It was fantastic. Not. I kept mouthing to Matt to "Help me." But he was clueless. He ended up doing shots at the bar with someone. The crazy lady kept wanting to take our pictures. Here are the results:

The rest of the time that we saw her there Matt would refer to her as my Minnesota girlfriend. She said she had 3 kids at home and she looked like she was barely 25! Of course, she also said she was married for 13 years. I don't know. I was glad we got out of there when we did.

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