Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy Doggy Weekends

No real pictures from this weekend yet since our digi cam died. I'll have 4th of July pictures once I get my film developed and the pictures scanned in.

This past weekend Luna was very busy! Friday was Kirkland's 4th of July parade. She did excellent! She even got a patriotic bandana for participating. Matt took pictures from the sidelines. The crowd loved her. People kept saying "Look at that little dog!" or "Look! A Corgi!" It was great. She did alright with the thousands of fireworkds going off in our area too (they're legal).

Saturday she had a Corgi Meetup at Edmonds Dog Park which is on the beach. She has a boyfriend now! His name is Baby, an unneutered male of course. She was even trying to get him to play! She did really well with the other Corgis there too and even let them get by her face. We stayed out on the sandbar too long and got stranded. Poor Luna did not want to walk through the knee-deep water. She got all four paws in and promptly turned around! Once I got the leash on her she was fine. We'll definitely have to drag Matt there the next time there is low-tide.

Today she came with us to Mill Creek Town Center. Matt went to the camera store to buy us a new digi cam, a Nikon Coolpix, while I took her to Paddywack so she could check it out. She loved it and again she got lots of praise, "Is that a Corgi? I love Corgis!" She got to pick out some chew bones and then it was off to the dog park.

Here are some pictures from the dog park today with our new camera, of course!

Miss Luna has another busy weekend coming up! On Saturday, not only will she have a vet appointment, a pre-health exam before she stays at Doggy Haven while we are in New Hampshire, but we're both taking her to Poochapalooza up in Marysville! Then on Sunday she has another Corgi Meetup at Marymoor and we might swing by the Mill Creek Town Center again for their Mill Creek Festival. This year they are going to have a Pet Plaza with Dock Dog Diving!

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