Saturday, September 6, 2008

3rd Annual Corgi Fun Day!

Today was our first experience at the Corgi Fun Day put on by the Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club. It was at a park only about 5 minutes away from our house. There were tons of Corgis there and lots of fun stuff for Luna to do like an agility course, rally obedience (which we stunk at) and some fun games (none of which we won). Luna did an excellent job showing off her new socialization skills. She sniffed lots of dogs' butts and let her butt be sniffed. She even tried playing with an unneutered male named Jesse. At first Matt and I thought she was attacking him, but then I remembered her doing this at a different Meetup with a Corgi named "Baby." She likes to bop them with her nose, jump on them and run around. Matt had never seen her do this before and he thought it was just hilarious (which it is).

Matt also fell in love with two adorable Corgi puppies that were there. He snapped a few photos of them and a video. Although Corgi puppies are ridiculously cute, we are both glad that we didn't get one! We'd both still be sleep deprived and I'm sure the cats would still be traumatized. Even though Luna will be 4 on the 16th of this month, it has taken the last 5 months to get her and the cats into a groove. As you all know, Vlad loves her and has loved her since the day we brought her home. Fidel is tolerant of her and even shares his favorite napping spot - the bed- with her. Nikita has started to figure out that if he doesn't hiss and spit at her then she doesn't do laps around him barking. They've even slept "butt to butt" on the bed together! Luna, however, is still facinated by him.

Luna did a good job on the agility course they had set up. My goal is to get her into it someday. I also want her to take the Canine Good Citizen test as well, but I want to enroll her in a course first. PAWS offers one so maybe in the winter or spring I will sign her up.

Much to Matt's chargrin, I entered Luna in the costume contest. We didn't win, but I didn't put any effort into it. She just wore a cute little outfit that I had purchased for her at PetSmart. It was funny only because I thought she would do good in a compettition ring since she was a show dog for most of her life. Well, we have suceeded in taking the show dog out of her! All she wanted to do was sniff other dogs' butts and get pets from all the other Corgi mums and dads there - something she wouldn't have done in the show ring! I was annoyed yet proud of her. Luna is officially a pet now. Go Luna!

Next weekend we hope to take Luna to the Dining Dog Cafe in Edmonds for her 4th birthday celebration. The week after that she will get her first professional haircut with us at Scrub-a-Pup in Edmonds. We also have another Corgi Meetup at Marymoor and the Mutt Strutt in Everett. September is a busy month for dogs around the Sound!

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