Sunday, September 14, 2008

They Say Its Your Birthday....

Luna's 4th birthday was on September 16, but being a Tuesday we decided to celebrate it the Saturday before. Our first stop was the Vet's to pick up some cortisone spray for a nasty welt she gave herself and then we were off to the Mutt Strutt in Everett to benefit the city's animal shelter. It was held at a park not far from our house. She did very well there considering there were so many children and she is still trying to figure them out. We walked away with quite a few goodies and the local 4-H Club cleaned her ears for FREE.

Later in the day Matt and I packed her up in the car and drove her down to Edmonds to The Dining Dog Cafe where she was treated like a queen with pupitizers (hot dogs with cheese and pizza), and a main entree of chicken, mashed potatoes and green peas! She even got to enjoy her treats while standing on the table. She was in heaven! Eating is Luna's favorite past time. The best part was the owner, Dorothy, made her a small birthday cake with her name written on it! I think Matt liked that the best too. We will definitely go there again. I think they are having a Halloween party there next month so Luna will have to show off her new costume.
By the way, the Diet Coke in the picture was for me, not Luna. Rest assure, she was only drinking water that night.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that we dressed Luna in her birthday collar, yes, she does look more like a clown than a birthday girl, for the big event! When it was time for her cake to be brought out they gave her a birthday hat to wear with paw prints on it. It was great! I highly recommend The Dining Dog Cafe. I think we only spent a little over $10 on her party and it was well worth it.

So whats next on the agenda? Well, we are all signed up for the Walk for the Animals for the Seattle Humane Society on October 4th down at UVillage in Seattle. Our goal is to raise $500. If you would like to donate you can do so online by following this link: Sabrina and Luna's Donation Page We are doing this walk because we adopted Nikita, our first furbaby, from this shelter 5 years ago!

We also have a few Corgi Meetups to attend and Dog-O-Ween that is put on by COLA (Citizens for Off Leash Areas) in October.

Everyone else in our furbaby family is doing fine. We keep the gate down during the day while we are at work now and Fidel seems to be loving it. He's been sleeping out in the dining room on one of the chairs. We've caught him and Luna giving each other kitty kisses lately. Everyone seems to be getting along, even Nikita for the most part....

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