Monday, January 19, 2009

Do It for a Friend

My friend Kelly sent me an email with a link to her audition tape on youtube for Iron Bride, a wedding show I haven't heard of. She pleaded with us all to spread the tape around and ask everyone who watches it to leave a comment on why she should be chosen as a contestant. The comment doesn't have to be long, as you can see mine is rather short, so hop to it!

If she wins this is what she can look forward to:
The brides will be competing for a dream wedding photography & videography package worth $9,000 and other prizes as may be offered by our sponsors. We’ll pamper them with massages, coach them with life coaches and personal trainers, educate them with classes and drill them with dance routines. We’ll test their skills and knowledge of life, their athletic abilities, personality, metal and more.

Here's the link:

For more info the website is:

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