Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Corgi Afternoon

On Saturday, May 30 we drove Luna out to Woodinville for a Corgi picnic. She did great... until a big doggy arrived. While most other corgis see big dogs as something to herd, Luna only feels like she must prove herself as something a big dog wouldn't want to mess with. She has a bit of a Napoleon complex that way. Seriously, she was basking in the happiness of being with her corgi brethren until a golden retriever showed up. The instant she saw him she started barking and her mood turned sour.

Anyway, putting her snappiness aside, here are some pictures from the afternoon.

Here is Caruso, a 4 month old fluffy!

Luna and her buddy, Daisy, enjoying the shade after running around.

Merlin was desperate to get the treats I was handing out to the other corgis! I love his big boy corgi head. He's a cutie.

Who's the hungriest of them all? Luna is!

This little guy was rescued from a puppy mill. He wouldn't let you pet him but he had no problems taking a treat from your hand.

We are thinking this guy is a mix. Otherwise, he is the tallest corgi I've ever seen!

See you next year!


sarahthings said...

They are all super cute! And I'm sad to know Luna probably wouldn't like my Dale too much.

Infrared Goggles said...

Caruso is gorgeous, Luna is, too. :) I think the tall Corgi must be a mix of a Great Dane and a Corgi...that IS one tall Corgi, too right! LOL

ClassyChassy said...

Beautiful dogs! Looks like a nice day out, too!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

What fun! Love the name Luna.

Clint and DeAnne said...

awwwww...I want a fluffy corgi like Caruso! Sooooooo cute. I love the get togethers you have with other corgi families. :)