Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fido Fest!

Yes, yes, yes, we did another crazy 5k dog walk this one for the wonderful Seattle Humane Society where we adopted our beloved Nikita (our first born) 5 years ago. We also participated in this with our Corgi Meetup group where I was the guest organizer for the event. It was a 5k walk on the Burke Gilman Trail that originated at UVillage down by the UW. The weather was unpredictable Seattle weather, rain one minute (its called liquid sunshine around these parts) and then sun and high winds the next. It was crazy! But we stuck it out and made it the whole way. At the end of the walk, it was Fido Fest time. There was lots going and we got a ton of free stuff, 2 bags worth. Luna couldn't have been happier with all of the free treats she was getting. She even loved the "potty stations" they had set up at the UVillage parking lot. It was basically just an area with cedar chips, but she somehow new right away that she was supposed to potty there.
Matt accompanied us on this one but he hung out in Barnes and Nobles because he is battling the beginnings of the flu. Meanwhile, poor Luna is battle a bad case of fleas that she just can't shake and she managed to get tapeworms from them too. We got more flea medicine today and after I'm done vacuuming I'm hoping this infestation is finally over.
On a brighter note, here are some pictures from the Walk today. Luna made friends with Danny, who is on the left in the first two photos.

We made it!

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