Sunday, October 26, 2008

Howl-O-Ween 2008

Last weekend, Matt and I took Luna to her first Howl-o-ween party hosted by Paddywack, her favorite store. Believe it or not we missed out on 2 more Halloween dog parties this weekend, but her agility class is having one this Tuesday and then we have another one this coming Saturday at the new dog park that is opening up near us. Yes, Western Washington without a doubt, loves dogs.

I have pictures to post from Howl-o-ween plus I want to share the link to Paddywack's gallery where Luna has TWO, yes, count them, TWO pictures up. She's all smiley in them.

The event had a lot of great human food that was all catered. She walked away with an awesome treat bag too which included the pumpkin cookie that she devoured in the video I posted.
Luna met a Hawaiian Corgi at the event named Miley. They weren't too sure about each other since they were both females. They actually started a barking contest which was real hard on the ears! Oh well. Poor Luna is getting better slowly at being social.

She's on page 1 and 5.

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LP said...

She was soo cute in her costume! The biker chihuahua was is sooo cute! I wish I had a doggie!