Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cats, Dog and Our Yard - Oh My!

In case you missed it, it snowed 5 inches on Friday in Everett! It's April. It isn't supposed to snow. What is going on? Luna loved the snow though and I tried to capture it on video but I had a long week at work so working our digitial camera as a video camera just wasn't one of my skills that day. But I tried. She loved rolling around in it and I'm glad somebody was happy about the snow.

Saturday was relaxing, well, as relaxing as doing laundry and housework can be. I took a nap with Fidel and then drove Luna down to Seattle for Yappy Hour while Matt was at work. She did better than last time at Great Dog, but she was too shy to go in. When she is shy she will snarl and snap if the dog gets to close. We hung around the outside holding area where she could still see, hear and smell the other doggies but they couldn't get to her. One of the trainers came out and worked with us. She also refuned us our money ($3). She was really sweet and told me that if we want to keep bringing her back for Yappy Hour we can and they won't charge us until she is ready to go in and play. At the end of Yappy Hour, when there was only a few dogs left, she went in and ran around with me. She also investigated all the smells. There were two greyhounds in there but she ignored them. I can't take her back next week, unfortunately, I have to take her to the Vet along with Nikita and Fidel. Oh, that is a car ride that I can't wait for!

Sunday, we took Luna to Lowell Park in Everett. We really liked it because it is completey fenced with a security gate. I followed the advice the trainer gave me the day before and let her off the leash once we entered the security gate area. All of the other dogs came up to greet her. She was not happy and hid behind Matt. After a few minutes I opended the gate and she went in, but started to back up when the other dogs ran up to greet her. I wouldn't let her go back so she came in to the dog park and wanted nothing to do with the other dogs. She snarled and snapped at them, which the trainer said is OK, because she is setting her limits. Luna pretty much ignored them the whole time we were there. She did really good running back and forth between Matt and I and she even broke up a couple of fights with her barks! It was hilarious. By the way, at every dog park we visit a black dog has to give Matt love. I don't know what it is about him, but he always seems to attract big, black dogs.

After the dog park, Matt and I went to Home Depot and Wal-Mart so we could work on our muddy yard. It really was a swamp. We invested in some tire much and lava rocks to help with the mud problem. I also planted some (pink) plants and some hanging plants. I think it is a big improvement. This summer we want to purchase a BBQ and possibly some new chairs. I still need to contact Mosaic about a pet fence for Luna, although she was out there for the whole time and never strayed from us.
In my last post I promised cat pictures. They were not feeling photogenic today, but I do have a few!
So like I said, next weekend I am taking 3 out of 4 of our furbabies to the vet's which should be interesting. Fidel is going in for another blood panel to see how his kidney failure is progressing and if the hyperthyroid pills have helpt. Nikita is going in for his annual shots and Luna needs a distemper booster and whatever else the vet thinks she needs. My friend Megan (Mariner) will be in town from the East Coast which I am really looking forward too :)

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