Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Tired Dog

This weekend was all about Luna. On Saturday I brought her to Seattle so Matt could show her off to his friends at Comacast. They all loved her! The most popular question of the day was "Is she full grown?" The answer is she's 3 and she's as big as she is going to get. Just in case you are wondering, I measured the size of her legs. They are as long as my hand from my fingertip to my wrist! We like to call her "stubby paws."

After Comcast, we ventured over to Greenlake. This is a very popular spot in Seattle for people to walk their dogs and boy, did we see lots of them! Luna did great though and only snarled up a few times.
We were there to meet one of my Meetup groups for a nice Saturday walk along the lake. While we were waiting at Starbucks (where else?) we met another Corgi girl. The funny part is this same Corgi would be at our Corgi meetup the very next day at Marymoor Park! But I digress. We met up with our group which included a different Corgi named Oscar. Oscar doesn't like a lot of other dogs but he really took to Luna. The two of them had fun walking together.

Greenlake is a 2.8 mile walk. Luna and I walked the whole thing! She didn't want to get in the water though, but she was at least willing to go wherever I went and I wasn't willing to get in the water either. Greenlake is known for having nasty duck-poop-filed water. Yuck.

After Greenlake we said good-bye to the Meetup ladies and headed over to Great Dog Shoppe in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. Let me tell you, little miss Luna did not like this store. I think the problem was they also do grooming and doggy daycare so there was probably too many smells for her. There was also a line of people and their puppies waiting for Puppy Playtime to start in the daycare space. I am hoping to bring her back some Saturday afternoon for Yappy Hour where she can run around with the other dogs in the daycare space. For now, she needs to work on getting used to other dogs outside her breed.

We left Great Dog without finding what we needed (a rectractable leash for the next day) and headed over to PetSmart. I'm not a fan of big chain pet stores, but they had what we needed and Luna actually liked it there. Until we ran into the puppy obedience class that was doing some training around the store. Ugh. Luna does't like those wiggly pups!

So we tiredly paid and straggled home. We plopped on the couch and watch "Oprah!" from Friday, the show on puppy mills. I didn't finish watching it because Matt banned me from viewing it while he was home and he walked in halfway through. I still need to finish it.

Saturday night was the first night Luna spent out of her crate. There was no problems. We thought maybe she'd fight with the cats, but all interested parties respected The Berlin Wall (baby gate).


Today we got up early to drive Luna down to Redmond's Marymoor Park for a monthly Corgi meetup. It was obviously our first one and we plan to attend more. We got there late and spent a good 1/2 hour looking for everyone. The place is HUGE! The off-leash dog park is 40 acres! The entire park is 640 acres. I don't think we saw the whole thing.

Eventually people started telling us that "the Corgi Convention was over there" or that we were late for the "Corgi Parade" over there so we found the group. Luna was OK with them, but really just wanted to go back to the car or sit on our laps. The other Corgis were good with her and respected her space. She didn't like the bigger dogs either and made sure to leave plenty of space between her and them. She snapped a few times and we corrected her ("AAAHHHH") but she also let a few dogs sniff her butt. Again, I couldn't get her to jump in the water, but we're working on it. She's used to being a show dog not a jump-in-the-river-after-a-ball dog. Maybe its me and I'm just too used to having big boy dogs!

When we came home we took a 2 hour nap on the couch with Fidel and Nikita. Vlad is still pissing her off royally, but he angers us sometimes so its no shock. Tomorrow will be her first day at home "alone." I'm a little sad about that, but we have big plans for next weekend. I want to drag her and Matt to the Edmonds' dog park on Sunday. Just not as early as this week's adventure!


Megan said...

OK, so I'm not the only crazy dog person who takes her dog to meet-ups and has entire weekend revolve around festivities for the dog. Why did Matt ban you from Oprah?

Anonymous said...

Weekends revolving around the dog, meetups...yup, you're official. Just like me. Why were you banned from Oprah? -Megan