Friday, April 4, 2008

Luna is Home!

Its official: Luna is home! We love her to pieces and we're so glad she is here with us. I took today off to be with her and get her acclimated to the cats before she had to stay home by herself starting on Monday. There has been minimal growling and hissing so far. Still, we want da boys to be safe.

I did some journaling earlier in the week on how she was getting acclimated.

Tuesday Night
She did great coming in the door. Matt had run in ahead of us and put up the baby gate. Instantly Nikita and Vlad FLEW over it and came running for her. She was terrified. Poor baby is still shaking. So far there has been no hissing or growling. Just some very curious looks. Vlad got within 5 inches of her and she was so scared. She's been hiding from the cats either behind us or in our laps. Awww. Here are some pictures from tonight. I don't have many because I was concentrating on video. Unfortunately all the video I got was lame because the cats seem to be OK with her.


Vlad is driving Luna crazy. Just like he drives his brothers crazy and he used to drive Princess crazy. He's been circling her like a shark since she got home. Her only refuge is the couch or my lap where she now sits while I type. We think its her tags. Vlad is obsessed with his lazer and it comes on a keychain so it makes a very distinct noise when it is picked up. He always knows when he is going to get to play when he hears it. Well, her collar tags make the same kind of noise so he's been chasing after her and chattering at her like she is hiding his lazer! She definitely does not like to be left alone when she is out of her crate. Matt said she barked while I was showering this morning after our walk. He is still sleeping. Then I went in to the office to check my email and I heard her bark again. When I checked on her she came running out of her crate. Poor little girl just doesn't know what's going on!


We had our first growling incident last night and hissing this morning. Its between Vlad and Luna. I think last night she had enough of him following her around chattering so she turned on him and growled. He ran and she pursued. I tried to break it up, but the baby gate saved the day! I immediately put her in her crate for a doggy time out. She also chased Nikita over the gate yesterday too but I don't think there was any growling or hissing. I think she just saw something move and wanted to chase it! This morning when we came back from our walk, Vlad was on Luna's side of the baby gate. I was tried to put him back on the cat side so she could eat and I could shower. When I picked him up he hissed at her. I'm glad of glad he did so she knows the kitties mean buisnes. She's still a bit of a scaredy cat when I take her on walks and there are people she doesn't know. She hides between my legs or starts walking towards home. She's getting more comfortable inside though. Last night we were playing fetch with her pretty pink purse and shoe. She had so much fun! Now that is video-worthy. Tomorrow its my turn to stay home with Luna. Not sure what we are going to do. I think we may check out one of the dog parks in Everett.


I am home with Luna today. We hope to go to a dog park but we woke up to rain. The good part about that is she got to try out her raincoat this morning. Isn't she cute?

Tomorrow we are supposed to go for a walk around Greenlake. Its a 2.8 mile walk. I'm hoping it will get Luna and I ready for the Furry 5K fun run/walk that we will be participating in in June. We are looking for sponsors. All proceeds go to the Help the Animals Fund. It is a non-profit organization that helps sick, injured and abused animals that are in Seattle-area shelters.

Wish us luck!

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