Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Its Puppy Day!

When Matt kissed me good-bye this morning the first thing he said was "Its Puppy Day!" Thats right. Today is finally the day. The day we bring our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Luna, home.

Since we came home from our honeymoon in Mexico, yes I know I need to finish that story, I've been scouring the internet looking for the perfect Corgi. For awhile there we were going to get a Corgi but then we found out about Luna and the idea of having a fully house and crate trained dog was just too much to pass up.

We've been visiting with her over the past two weeks so we can start bonding with her. Her breeder was very generous to allow us to do so. Before she could come home she needed to be spayed. We decided to let the breeder bring her to his Vet to be spayed and then she could rest and relax at his place before she moved in with us and our commie kitties. We really didn't want her associating getting spayed with moving in with us. That would not be good!

She was spayed on March 24 and I called the breeder on Saturday to see how she was doing. He said she's been running all over the place and even chased the neighbor's cat! Ugh oh.

The boys are in for a big surprise tonight!

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